NotHalal.com is an online directory listing of products that contain questionable ingredients unsuitable for Muslims.

  • What are questionable ingredients?
    There are lots of E numbers that tend to have fat from animals that are not slaughtered in an Islamic way, not only that but some products include fat from the swine, which is totally not allowed to consume for the Muslims. We have mostly focused on the products that have “swine” fat in them. Other products will be added as time moves ahead.
  • Where is NotHalal.com based?
    It’s an online based platform hence no fixed address is to be associated by it at the moment. If you wish to reach us just email us at mail@nothalal.com
  • I run a business and wish to advertise here, how can I?
    Email us at ads@nothalal.com for a chance to see how you can aim your halal products to the amazing visitors of ours.