Response from TINE: Our Ja Yogurt contains pig gelatine, while our other yogurts do not. Date: 10.01.2012 Ref: 2012/45410 Via […]


All the vitamin variants of Prenate have pork fat in them.     PRENATE MINI® is a proprietary, blended vitamin incorporating […]


The following products contain ingredients that are not halal. Extra Polar Ice Stick Juicy Fruit Pellet Extra Polar Ice Orbit […]


A few concerns have come forward from various members that Neutragena uses pork fat in their make up products. Awaiting […]


Subway has various meats in its outlets, none of them are halal certified. The fact that same gloves are used […]


The original KFC in itself doesn’t serve halal chicken at all. But if you are in a Muslim country, you […]

Burger King

None of the meat products (apart from fish) found in Burger King are halal. Unless it’s placed in a Muslim […]


Please note that in Islamic countries, products by Haribo do not contain pig gelatine. Make sure you see the “halal” […]